Founded on the belief that a garment should complement its owner's true nature, Hensely by Neha Kapur Nayyar introduces a quiet kind of luxury for the woman who is willing to reinvent herself without changing her inherent style.

Neha Kapur Nayyar, was born and raised in New Delhi. Inspired by personal impressions of her deep-rooted culture, and the emotional connection and discipline in the performance of classical Indian dance, connect the metaphorical and visual tendencies that lend to the subtle form and an unassuming sensuality portrayed in her collections. Each piece is constructed with precise detail and is mindful of movement and space.

Her affinity for the Japanese classical period, and the traditional Indian dress form are a continuous model for her designs; Equally lending dimensional perspective that does not compromise proportion, but embraces femininity and the individual.

Hensely is a proponent of domestic manufacturing and will continue to create and design with a New York and L.A. footprint.